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Another Approaching Fibonacci Cluster Turn Window, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.3 MB02/09/2024
An Amazing Stock Market Short-term Trading Indicator, The Purchasing Power Indicator , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB01/24/2024
Gold’s Price Projection: The Long and The Short , by Bob McHugh958 KB09/23/2023
A Near Perfect Stock Market Buy and Sell Trading Signal, The Demand Power / Supply Pressure Indicator , by Robert McHugh992 KB08/26/2023
Banks Are in Trouble: How This Impacts You, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.180 KB07/21/2023
An Approaching Fibonacci Cluster Turn Window, by By Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB05/26/2023
What are Converging Fan Trend-line Patterns™ And Their Price and Time Projection Performance in 2022, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D. 1 MB11/21/2022
Gold and Silver’s Upside Price Projection from a Converging Fan Trend-line Pattern ™, by Dr. Robert McHugh734 KB11/14/2022
The Stock Market is About to Top and Drop, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB08/07/2022
Listen to Dr. McHugh's Latest Radio Interview Forecast for the Markets February 2022, by Dr. Robert McHugh135 KB06/09/2022
The U.S. Stock Market Crash of 2022: An Analysis , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D. 1 MB02/28/2022
Listen to Dr. McHugh's Latest Radio Interview Forecast for the Markets February 2022, by Robert McHugh158 KB02/16/2022
Mining Stocks’ Breakout: Upside Price Targets, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.1 MB11/15/2021
Critical Shortages and Inflation: Comments from Around the World, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.187 KB10/01/2021
A Head & Shoulders Pattern and the Elliott Wave Forecast for Mining Stocks, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.918 KB09/25/2021
Gold’s Massive, Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern: An Update, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB07/11/2021
How to Day Trade and Make Money, by Robert McHugh777 KB06/15/2021
We Got An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen Stock Market Crash Warning Signal On March 4th, 2021, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.199 KB03/07/2021
McHugh's Conservative Portfolio Model September 30th, 2020, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D. 253 KB10/03/2020
Stock Market Performance Two Months Before and After a Presidential Election, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.1 MB09/21/2020
How Gold will Perform During the Stock Market’s Grand Supercycle Degree Wave {IV} Down Bear Market, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.745 KB03/09/2020
Money-Losing Companies Mushroom Even as Stocks Hit New Highs, by James Mackintosh126 KB01/09/2020
The Status of Gold and Mining Stocks, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.972 KB11/10/2019
A Major Cycle Trend Turn Window is Approaching for the Stock Market, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.227 KB10/27/2019
Gold's Long-term Trend, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.334 KB09/22/2019
What's Up With Gold's Decline?, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.972 KB09/08/2019
Gold's 1650 Upside Price Target, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.509 KB08/11/2019
Trouble is Coming to the Stock Market, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.1 MB07/27/2019
A Major Stock Market Top is Imminent, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.819 KB07/14/2019
The VIX Warns a Stock Market Decline is Approaching, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.862 KB07/07/2019
Gold Breaks Out Upside from its Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern. Now What? , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.850 KB06/09/2019
We Got An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen Stock Market Crash Warning Signal On May 20th, 2019, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.117 KB05/25/2019
What is Going On With the Stock Market??, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.1 MB05/19/2019
MOVES IN GOLD & SILVER WILL BE 1970s ON STILTS, by Egon von Greyerz583 KB05/11/2019
Gold’s Handle Forms a Bullish Declining Wedge inside Gold’s Cup and Handle Pattern , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.678 KB05/05/2019
Are Stocks About to Drop, With Gold About to Rally?, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.866 KB04/28/2019
Gold’s Cup and Handle Forecast, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.670 KB04/19/2019
Where are Small Cap Stocks Headed?, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.437 KB03/18/2019
Gold’s Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.328 KB03/11/2019
A Corrective Decline is Approaching within Gold’s Long Term Rising Trend, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB02/22/2019
Gold's Long Term Trend is Up!, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.881 KB09/04/2018
Why the July 2018 Employment Report Was Abysmal and is a Recession Warning-Shot Across the Bow , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.68 KB08/06/2018
U.S. Bonds Look Ugly, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.484 KB07/30/2018
Gold, Mining Stocks on the Verge of a Major Bull Market, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.1 MB07/15/2018
U.S. Stocks Approaching a Major Top: The Jaws of Death Pattern Completes , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB10/20/2017
U.S. Stocks Approaching a Major Top, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.2 MB10/15/2017
We Got An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen On May 31st, 2017, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.112 KB06/05/2017
The Power of Compounding an Exchange Traded Funds Trading Program, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.150 KB01/22/2017
Trump and the Coming Economic Collapse, by Nelson Hultberg67 KB11/21/2016
What Does the BREXIT Yes Vote Mean for Stock Markets? , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.144 KB06/27/2016
Yet Another Fabricated Jobs Report , by Paul Craig Roberts15 KB01/08/2016
The Fed Screwed Up, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.56 KB12/20/2015
Real Estate and The U.S. Economy: Bad and Getting Worse, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.57 KB02/01/2015
McHugh's Fearless Market Forecast for 2015, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.361 KB01/01/2015
Monetary Tightening: The Unintended Consequence of the Fed’s QE Programs , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.47 KB11/03/2014
Jesus Christ is Messiah: Scientific Mathematical Proof, by Peter W. Stoner, Ph.D.55 KB10/28/2014
We Got an Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen September 19th, 2014, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.70 KB10/05/2014
Early Signs of the Coming Economic Ice Age are Evident, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.42 KB06/30/2014
The Amazing Past Performance for our Three Key Buy/Sell Indicators, the Secondary Trend Indicator, Demand Power / Supply Pressure, and Purchasing Power Indicator , by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.125 KB06/12/2014
We Got An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen Signal May 31st, 2013, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.33 KB06/03/2013
The Performance of our Secondary Trend Indicator (a.k.a. Technical Indicator Index), by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.50 KB03/10/2012
Standard & Poors Downgrade U.S. Debt Rating, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.28 KB08/08/2011
How To Make A Ton of Money Trading Gold and Mining Stocks, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.57 KB07/24/2011
Making Money Trading The Market, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.40 KB07/04/2011
The Anatomy of a Day Trade, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.51 KB03/05/2011
A Time Analysis of Extended Rally Market Tops, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.598 KB02/06/2011
How to Benefit From Our Market Analysis Service, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.30 KB01/30/2011
Quantitative Easing 2 Is a Bad Idea, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.24 KB10/22/2010
Obmascare: What The New National Health Insurance Law Means for Markets, the Economy, and the American People, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.104 KB03/27/2010
The Performance of the Stock Market In Years Ending in "0", by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.62 KB01/05/2010
Bunning Statement On The Re-Nomination Of Ben Bernanke To Be Chairman Of The Federal Reserve, by Senator Jim Bunning15 KB12/03/2009
The 100 Percent Solution: Rebate Three Years of Income Taxes, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.23 KB01/27/2009
An Update on the June 2008 Hindenburg Omen, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.33 KB07/05/2008
An Update on the October 2007 Hindenburg Omen Crash Indicator, by Robert D.McHugh, Ph.D.24 KB02/04/2008
The Fed Fiddles While Stocks Burn and Crash, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.47 KB01/20/2008
McHugh's Traders Corner Performance 2007, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.31 KB12/31/2007
The Hindenburg Omen July 2007, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.30 KB07/31/2007
Are Soybeans Dangerous to Your Health?, by Research by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.36 KB07/11/2007
Demand Power and Supply Pressure Buy and Sell Entry and Exit Signals, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.50 KB04/22/2007
Elliott Wave Theory, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.51 KB04/06/2007
Major Stock Market Tops of the Past Century, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.121 KB02/12/2007
The Plunge Protection Team Intervention Risk Indicator -- A Rally Finder, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.42 KB02/03/2007
McHugh's Conservative Investment Portfolio Updated January 31st, 2007, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D., RIA44 KB01/31/2007
The Jaws of Death, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.105 KB01/26/2007
No Way Out: A Fifty Percent Dollar Devaluation, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.46 KB01/13/2007
Understanding Our Primary Trend Indicator (PTI), by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.38 KB10/21/2006
Assessing the Quality of the Equity Rally from July 2006 and The Wall Street Journal's Comments, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.60 KB10/14/2006
McHugh's Conservative Balanced Investment Portfolio Initial Startup October 11th, 2006, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D., RIA41 KB10/11/2006
Futures Trading Using McHugh's 14 Day Stochastic Signal, by David Zaitzeff, Futures Broker40 KB09/12/2006
The Past Performance of the Hindenburg Omen 1985 through 2006, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.30 KB04/21/2006
The End of Dollar Hegemony, by Congressman Ron Paul34 KB03/13/2006
The Fed Officially Kicks Off the Next Recession, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D30 KB03/13/2006
The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse, by Krassimir Petrov, Ph.D.40 KB01/23/2006
The Approaching War With Iran, by Edward F. Haas22 KB01/06/2006
What's the Fed Up To With the Money Supply?, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.18 KB12/24/2005
Past Performance of McHugh's Stochastic and Purchasing Power Buy/Sell Signals for the Dow Industrials/S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and the HUI, by Robert McHugh, Ph.D.65 KB11/23/2005
The Fed Announces it Will Hide M-3 To Keep You From Knowing What?, by Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D.54 KB11/14/2005
Last of the Intrepid Americans, by Nelson Hultberg30 KB10/10/2005
The Hindenburg Omen, A Potential Stock Market Crash Signal, by Kennedy Gammage14 KB09/12/2005
Heavy Clouds, No Rain, by Doug Wakefield28 KB08/29/2005
Interview With Dr. Robert McHugh, by Jay Taylor, by Jay Taylor105 KB08/29/2005
Why Gold Rigging Is Ignored by the Media, by Nelson Hultberg38 KB06/10/2005
Remember Free Markets?, by Mark M. Rostenko19 KB05/09/2005
America's Has-Been Economy, by Paul Craig Roberts20 KB03/21/2005
Thoughts on a Second Great Depression, by M.A. Nystrom, M.B.A.82 KB03/13/2005
The United States as an Indebted Empire, by Desmond Lachman13 KB02/09/2005
Cornered Rats and the PPT, by Nelson Hultberg29 KB07/14/2004
Up The Investment Ladder: A Winning Strategy For Investing In Fixed Income Securities, by Robert D. McHugh, Jr.38 KB07/14/2004
Dow Theory Chartist July 8, 2004, by Greg Romig, CPA2 MB07/08/2004
The CPI, the Fed, and the Coming Election, by Grant Noble23 KB06/16/2004
Dow Theory Chartist - Special Report June 1, 2004, by Greg Romig, CPA64 KB06/01/2004
Dow Theory Chartist April 12, 2004, by Greg Romig, CPA136 KB04/12/2004

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