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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a new exciting ETF Trading Service Membership! Our Silver ETF Trading Program. For years we

have been asked to provide a real time trading service with just ETFs without Options, and demand has been so strong recently that we decided to ramp up our resources and offer this amazing new service. This product is now available. Below is a summary of how the program works, and below that is a section on Frequently Asked Questions.


Here Is How The Silver ETF Trading Service Membership Works:


Subscribers to this exclusive ETF Silver Trading Service continue to receive all of the excellent Standard services and benefits of a regular subscription membership, plus they receive membership in an exclusive group that will receive approximately 15 to 30 Exchange Traded Funds trading transactions per year (the number depending upon market conditions) for a one year membership. This Program does not include Options trades, which are available in the Platinum membership. 


We will email Silver subscribers a trade we identify for ourselves in the aggressive segment of a trading portfolio, using highly leveraged financial instruments such as index stock, Precious Metals, Currency, U.S. Treasury, Stock Volatility, or Energy leveraged ETFs. Risk will be controlled through investment limits (from ½ percent to 2 percent of trading capital per trade, depending upon our level of confidence in the trade), as well as the occasional use of stop losses.


Notification of trades will be emailed to Silver subscribers as near to real time to when we identify the trade as possible, usually within 15 minute of the trade on a best efforts basis. Uncontrollable email delays are possible, so we will also post the trades at our new Silver Trading Service Current Trade button at the top left of the home page at , as well as place an alert at the top of the home page for subscribers to know at a quick glance that a trade has been conducted.


The time horizon for trades is from a few weeks to several months, short-term and intermediate-term, but usually longer than day-trading. In other words, we expect to open a position, and hold that position for anywhere from a few weeks to several months, before closing out the trade.


We have identified a combination of key indicators that we follow regularly that when aligned together produce high probability trading trend opportunities. A 2 to 4 percent move in stocks can generate typically anywhere from a 6 percent to 10 percent profit, depending upon the ETF financial instrument chosen to trade. The idea for this program is to have a high quantity of market timed trades in and out, playing both rising and declining trends, so that by the end of the year, an above average return on investment has been achieved in comparison to buy and hold, or cash holdings investing strategies. 


Trading takes skill and experience. We identify for you high probability buy and sell points in select, carefully chosen trades, however we do not conduct the trades for you, and cannot advise you when to buy or sell. You are expected to use this impersonal service for educational purposes only, and consult your personal financial advisor or broker for any trade executions you choose. You can choose to follow us or you can choose not to; however approximately 15 to 30 high probability trading opportunities will be shared with you in near real-time.


The cost for trading services such as this normally runs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per year. You can grab this now for a steep discounted initial rate of $895 per year, or $1,595 for a 2 year membership; plus, current subscribers to our regular service will receive full credit for the pro-rata unused value remaining on their current regular subscription, which reduces the initial cost of this silver service. For example, if you bought a 2 year standard subscription for $459 two months ago, and you upgrade your subscription to the Silver Trading Service premium subscription, you will pay only $474.25 ($895 less $420.75 credit from current remaining unused subscription). All Silver Trading Service subscriptions run for one year from the date of payment, and can be opened at any time. We offer discounted longer-terms than one year. 


You can pay either by clicking on the Silver Trading Service button after clicking the Subscribe Today button at the upper left of the home page at using a credit card, or you can mail a check payable to Main Line Investors, Inc. If you pay by check, please send in the full amount and we will refund your credit card for the pro-rata remaining portion of your regular subscription once we receive your check payment, or mail a check for the credit back to you. You can mail checks to Main Line Investors, Inc., P.O. Box 1026KimbertonPA 19442Please include your email address so we can find you on our system. We will email you a subscription confirmation.  


So plan now to join our exclusive Silver Service ETF Trading Membership, available now at Happy Trading, Wishing you many profitable returns!


Best regards,


Robert McHugh, Ph.D.


Silver ETF Trading Service


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the standard monthly service continue to

      feature the “conservative portfolio model” or will

      that be cut back or eliminated due to the trading

      service coming on board now?


            A: The Regular subscription service will

                 include everything except the trading

                 service, so will include the conservative

                 portfolio model and transactions. The

                 trading service only comes with the

                 Platinum or Silver ETF memberships.


Q: How do you plan on controlling risk with this

      trading service?


            A: Our new silver trading service will be

                 highly disciplined, very different than the

                 other work we do elsewhere on our site,

                 which is more analysis oriented than trading

                 oriented, with carefully selected entry and

                 exit points based upon how several key

                 indicators in combination stack up at any

                 given time. If they give a green light, we go

                 in. If the risk is great with a green light, we

                 go in light. If the risk is minimal with the

                 green light, we go in a bit heavier. We get

                 out when a profit target has been achieved,

                 or something changes the risk profile for

                 the trade. We use highly leveraged ETFs

                 which allow us to get strong

                 returns with minimal amount of trading

                 capital at risk of loss. Typical trades utilize

                  ½ to 2 percent of trading capital per trade.

                 On occasion we may use stop losses, but

                 sometimes we will not use stops, instead

                 managing risk by limiting the amount

                 invested in the trade and/or doing rollovers. 


Q: What do you expect your Return on Investment to



            A: There is no way to predict ROI, however by

                  using index ETFs, we have found that a 2

                  to 4 percent move in that stock index in the

                  direction of a trade can generate from 5

                  percent to 10 percent returns on the

                  amount invested over a few weeks or months

                  of time.

                  This is not a guarantee, and market

                  conditions can change and affect returns,

                  but we aim at returns in the 5 percent to

                  10 percent range for each trade. For

                  example, if we decide to trade 1 percent of

                  our portfolio’s trading capital, and that

                  amounts to $4,000, and we generate a 5

                  percent return, then that trade realizes a

                  $200 profit. If the risk profile of a trade

                  allows us to invest $8,000 in a trade, and if

                  that trade happens to generate a 10 percent

                  profit, then that trade realizes an $800

                  profit (excluding transactions commissions).


Q: Do you expect every trade to be a winner?


            A: No. Our goal is to have a winner on every

                 trade, but the reality is there will be losing

                 trades from time to time, due to market

                 aberrations. We would be satisfied with 70

                 to 80 percent of our trades being winners.


Q: Will the Silver ETF Trading Service Membership

      include all the other services provided in your

      Standard subscription membership?


            A: Yes. However, it does not include the Platinum 

                  Options trade alerts.


Q: Will the trades be primarily in the U.S. Markets or

      will there be international market trades?


            A: At this time, almost all trades will be in U.S.



Q: Will there be a telephone hotline to alert us to



            A: No. There will be an email alert sent out

                 within approximately 15 minutes of the

                 trade, as well as an alert notation at the top

                 of the website that announces a trade has

                 been conducted, as well as details of the

                 trade being posted to the Silver ETF Trading

                 Service Current Trades button at the

                 upper left of the home page. We can also provide 

                 texting of alerts to most mobile carrier phones

                 in the U.S.


Q: Will there be any option to opt out of the Silver ETF

      trading service subscription membership if not



            A: Unfortunately no, all sales will be final. This

                 allows us to plan and put our best resources

                 toward this ETF Trading Service. Subscriptions

                 are for one year and you have the option to

                 renew or not renew upon expiration,

                 although from time to time we offer

                 discounted longer and short-term term



Q: What markets will the Silver ETF Trading Service

      be trading, and what instruments will the trades be

      typically using?


            A: Typical trades will be playing major stock

                  indices and precious metals, and using 

                  leveraged ETFs. There may

                  be trades in precious metals such as

                  Gold, currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, or

                  U.S. Bonds. We will rarely be trading

                  individual stocks. We prefer trading the

                  indices instead.


Q: Do you have a documented track record of past



            A: Yes, at the Archived Trades button at the left

                 of the home page.

                 We use a unique and tested combination of

                 key indicators we follow, that combination

                 of which is proprietary, and have had many

                 successful ETF trades conducted for Platinum

                 subscribers in real time over the past several

                 years using some or all of these indicators as

                 the basis for the ETF trade, which are

                 documented at the Platinum Trading

                 Service Archives button at the upper left of

                 the home page.


Q: I am a regular subscriber to your service and I see

     trading ideas throughout the year using your

     conservative portfolio. What makes the Silver ETF

     service so different versus your regular service?


            A: The regular service includes a conservative

                 portfolio model, with occasional

                 transaction ideas (educational)

                 which are reported to subscribers. However,

                 these transactions are conservative in

                 nature, with a long time horizon, with a 

                 lower target profit return on investment

                 than one would expect with an aggressive

                 trading service. The conservative portfolio is

                 aimed at wealth preservation with mild

                 returns in low risk investments whereas the

                 Silver ETF Trading Service is an aggressive

                 investing forum which will aim to achieve

                 high returns given a carefully disciplined

                 approach to higher risk investments.


Q: What is the typical time horizon for trades in the

      Silver ETF Trading Service?


            A: Trades will be conducted with the

                  expectation that they will be in play

                  anywhere from a few weeks to a several months.

                  This service will not be a day trading

                  service per-se where trades are entered and

                  closed the same day. That may happen


                  time to time if a unique event occurs that

                  generates a fast target profit goal or

                  changes the risk profile of the trade

                  within the same day. But for the most part,

                  trades have a 2 week to 3 months or more

                  time horizon.


Q: How many trades per year will your Platinum

     Trading Service conduct?


            A: This depends upon market conditions, as we

                  will identify trades when we get a green

                  light from the convergence of a combination

                  of key indicators we follow, but back-


                  and past experience suggest that this

                  converging combination of high probability

                  trend-finding indicators occurs

                  approximately 15 to 30 times per year. That

                  is a wide range, but again, it depends upon

                  how volatile the market is during the course

                  of a particular year. There may be a period

                  of 3 months where only 2 or 3 trades occur,

                  but then the next 3 months could see 7 to

                  10 trades. It all depends upon what the

                  market conditions are at the time.


Q: Will we be putting conservative portfolio funds to

      work in this Silver Trading Service?


            A: Only speculative funds will be used in this

                 trading service, funds that are not needed

                 for basic needs. Our conservative investment

                 portfolio has a small segment (about 10 to 15

                 percent of the portfolio) earmarked for

                 speculative trading, and those funds will be

                 used in this Silver ETF Trading Service.

                 The Silver ETF Trading Service trades will be

                 reported in the Conservative Portfolio

                 Model after the fact, after the trades have

                 been conducted and closed out. Silver ETF

                 Trading Service trades will be reported in

                 real time only to Silver ETF Trading Service

                 subscribers, and also to Platinum members,

                 but not in real time to Standard subscription



Q. If I am a Standard Subscription Member, and I

     decide to upgrade my membership to the Silver ETF

     Trading Service Subscription Membership, do I get

     a credit for the unused portion of my regular

     subscription at the time I pay for the Silver ETF



            A: Yes. At the Silver ETF Subscription option at

                 the Subscribe Today button at the upper

                 left of the home page at


                 the credit will be automatically calculated

                 and deducted from the initial $895 price for the

                 Silver ETF service, so in

                 effect you will pay less than the $895

                 one year Service

                 Subscription price for the Silver ETF




Disclaimer: The information contained in the "Platinum Trading Service Archives" is intended to be impersonal, for your informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. None of the information herein constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. Trading securities, ETFs, and options involves risk and can result in the immediate and substantial loss of the capital invested. ETFs, Futures and options may not be a suitable investment for all individuals and individuals should carefully consider their financial condition, experience, and risk appetite, as well as consult first with their financial advisor before deciding whether to trade. Options traders should be aware that the exercise of a long option will result in a futures position. Each trade contained in the Platinum Trading Service Archives was conducted in our Conservative Portfolio, and was not conducted in the new Platinum Trading Service, which did not commence until December 22nd, 2010. Each trade is based upon the reported price when the trade was first published, but does not necessarily mean Main Line Investors, Inc. or Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D. has conducted the actual trade. The prices listed are for reference only and are in no way intended to represent an actual trade, entry price or exit price conducted by Main Line Investors, Inc. or Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D. At various times, Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D. or Main Line Investors, Inc. may have owned, bought or sold the securities discussed for purposes of investment or trading. The trades contained in the Platinum Trading Service Archives and in the new trades conducted as part of the Platinum Trading Service are based upon certain assumptions, including the following: (i) performance results for the hypothetical trades do not include actual trading commissions or other fees that may be incurred; (ii) performance results for the trades do not account for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity, that may affect actual trading results; (iii) the securities chosen for the trades may be volatile; (iv) the trades assume purchase and sale prices believed to be attainable but certain factors may cause the price obtained in actual trading to differ substantially from the price at the time the trade was published; and (v) the trades do not take into account any tax impact arising from the sale or purchase of securities which in actual trading does have an impact on gains and losses. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. No independent party has audited trades reported in the Platinum Trading Service Archives. Neither Main Line Investors, Inc. nor Robert D. McHugh, Ph.D. shall be responsible or have any liability for investment decisions based upon, or the results obtained from, the information provided.